Turn your Mac into a teleprompter.

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Other info:

  • macOS 13 “Ventura” Compatibility
  • Presentation Prompter 5.8.1 supports macOS 13 “Ventura”. Run the in-app software updater (from the menu bar, choose “Presentation Prompter”, then “Check for Updates…”) or download the newest version. If you purchased on the Mac App Store, use the Update tab in the App Store.
  • Apple Silicon Mac Compatibility
  • Presentation Prompter 5 runs on Apple Silicon Macs (M1, M2, etc.) under Rosetta.
  • iPad Support
  • Presentation Prompter can make use of an iPad with Sidecar on macOS 10.15 “Catalina” and newer. To use Sidecar, open the Airplay menu in the menu bar and connect to your iPad.
    Sidecar connect to iPad
    Earlier versions of macOS can use iPads with a third-party app like Duet Display and configure it with our guide.
  • Discounts
  • We offer volume discounts and special upgrade pricing for Presentation Prompter 4 customers. Upgrade pricing requires a version 4 license code.
  • Refunds
  • Please contact us using the form above. If we can’t resolve your problem, we can issue refunds within 30 days of your purchase.
  • Privacy Policy
  • Ripeware does not abuse your information or spam you.
  • Free Trial
  • You can download Presentation Prompter for free and use it for as long as you’d like. However, until you purchase, your prompting sessions will be limited to five minutes.
  • Purchasing
  • Orders for Presentation Prompter are handled by FastSpring. Upon the completion of your order you will receive instructions to remove the five minute prompting session limit. The charge appears on statements as “FS* Ripeware”.
  • Customer Support
  • All customer support is done by email. We do not provide phone support.
  • Hardware Controllers
  • Presentation Prompter can be used with any hardware remote or controller if the product comes with configuration software, or if a product with hard-coded controls can be accepted in Presentation Prompter's Hotkey preferences. A lot of products have configuration software, but not all of them do (many product-specific or PowerPoint-specific remotes do not). Using a third-party controller with Presentation Prompter is a matter of associating its buttons with an action in Presentation Prompter. We have guides to:
    Configure a ShuttleXpress or ShuttlePro knob controller.
    Configure a wireless Satechi Smart Pointer.
  • Mac App Store
  • Presentation Prompter can be purchased from the Mac App Store. The advantages of buying directly from Ripeware include discounted upgrade pricing for existing customers and faster updates. The advantage of buying from the Mac App Store is that it is simpler to purchase.

    The licenses between the two versions are not compatible. If you purchase from the Mac App Store, you must download Presentation Prompter from the Mac App Store (or under the "Purchased" tab if purchased previously); you cannot use the version from our website. Similarly, if you purchase directly from us, you need to use the version downloadable on our website.

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