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Privacy Policy

Ripeware does not abuse your information or spam you.


For purchases on our website, our payment processor FastSpring handles your information according to their privacy policy. We collect your name, email address, organization name, and order ID for license generation and customer service. Your payment account or credit card information is never known to us. We collect the currency type (USD, Euro, etc.) and method of payment (Card, Apple Pay, etc.) to know what services we should consider dropping or supporting. We collect the city, region, and country on the purchase receipt to better know where we should focus our efforts for localization.

For purchases on the Mac App Store, Apple handles your information according to their privacy policy. We receive no personally identifable information from Apple for purchases made on the Mac App Store.

Crash Reports:

We may collect anonymous crash reports that detail application state at the time of a crash for the purposes of fixing bugs. We may share these crash reports with Apple or relevant 3rd parties, if we think they are responsible for the crash or can help.

App Analytics:

We may collect anonymous usage and hardware information (for example, CPU speed, RAM total, number of displays connected, preferences changed in our apps, how frequently one of our features is used, etc.). We use this information in the aggregate to decide where we should spend our development time and what hardware we should support. We do not sell this information. We never record the content of your documents, your screen, or other programs.

Apple may collect separate analytics for any product in the Mac App Store, including our apps, and may share that information with us, provided your System Preferences allow it.

License Metadata:

Apps on our website may contact our servers for license-related activation, deactivation, and validation during use. License-related features may collect the hostname, hardware model, OS version, activation date, and IP address. We can use this information to provide you a list of devices your license is activated on, ensure license compliance, and prevent abuse.


We do not share or sell your email address. We do not use tracking pixels. We keep certain correspondance for support purposes. You are not added to a mailing list unless you opt in to it. Our mailing lists are extremely low frequency. As of this writing, we have sent exactly 1 email to Presentation Prompter customers the last time there was a major new release.


We do not employ tracking scripts or make use of 3rd party analytics. Our web servers log IP addresses.

Business Changes:

In the event of a business transition, such as a change of ownership, a merger, an acquisition, a sale of some or all assets, a re-organization, an audit, an insolvency, or an administration, we may be required to disclose any or all of the data we keep as mentioned above.

We reserve the right to change this document at any time without notice.

Last updated: April 30, 2023

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